Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Test Prints

Before I printed my final piece I did a few test prints to find the right kind of paper to use for my final piece. I think this is important because the paper… Continue reading

Box of Prints

Finally I have an idea for my final outcome that I am happy with! This is a perfect mixture of both prints and a book. By putting my work in a box it… Continue reading


Two different project ideas: At the start of this project I was unsure of what direction I wanted to take the project in. To help decide what was going to work best I did… Continue reading

Different locations

The initial plan was just to do the project in the location that was on the map I had chosen, Coventry. However as my project was going on I realised that all of… Continue reading

Community, Culture and Identity

The starting point for this project was the title ‘Community, Culture and Identity’ and site specific maps to chose from. This is where our inspiration for the project needed to come from. I need… Continue reading

Timetable Final Piece Idea

Above is a design for a potential final piece. When I received formative feedback this was one of the suggestions that I got, to make a book that symbolises a foldable bus map.… Continue reading


Another option that I have considered for my final piece is prints. Now I have decided that I am not going to include the straight on images of bus stops I feel like… Continue reading

Mock Books

From the start of this project I have been pretty set on making a book for my final piece. For the amount of photos I planned to take and what was going to… Continue reading


On Friday I had another two tutorials, one with Caroline and one with Gemma. The main thing I wanted to focus on within these was my final piece. I feel like I am… Continue reading


Although I liked the images that I was creating I felt like something was missing, the people! There would be no need for bus stops and the transportation method without the public. Although… Continue reading