Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Second edition…

I really like the way my project has turned out, this is something that I haven’t really done before, I normally focus more on portraiture and people within my images, however this has… Continue reading

Final piece

Originally I was unsure on how to present my final piece, I decided to create a book as I believe my sequence of images flows well, almost like you are turning the pages… Continue reading

What more would I do?

If I had more time and money I would expand on this project a lot more. I would increase the size of the book and include more location for a start. I was… Continue reading


When considering my presentation cropping is a very important component, by cropping the image I could change the whole message and meaning of my project so I have to be careful with how… Continue reading

John Hilliard

John Hilliards work in his series ‘Cause of Death’ shows the importance of how you frame the image. Everyone will interpret images differently due to what they believe to be the studium and… Continue reading

Book Binding

For my final piece I knew I wanted to make a book of my prints. Matt gave me the option to just leave the pages lose and show where they would be however… Continue reading

Final Images

In the gallery below are the images that me and Matt selected from all of my contact sheets, but┬ádidn’t quite make the final piece of the book. This may be for various reasons… Continue reading

Paul Gaffney Tutorial

After the Paul Gaffney spoke about his work we had the opportunity to have a one on one tutorial with him about our work. I wanted to talk to him about photo books… Continue reading

Paul Gaffney

Today Paul Gaffney came in as a guest lecturer, he spoke about how he got into photography and his projects in depth too, particularly ‘We Make the Path by Walking’ (2012). He spoke… Continue reading

The Edge- Where have I been taking photos?

When I first thought of my project brief I really didn’t know where to start! I am fairly new to Coventry and the surrounding areas so had no idea where I could find… Continue reading