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152MC References

Administrator, d. (2010) Meet The Amateur Meteorologists Who Are Taking Forecasting The Weather Into Their Own Hands [online] available from <; [4 May 2015] Amin, A., Massey, D. and Thrift, N. (2000) Cities… Continue reading

Final Book and Evaluation

After a lot of research, thought and taking pictures I have finally finished the module and made my final book! Below is a video of what my final book turned out like: I am… Continue reading


In my past modules I think the research that I have done has let me down a little bit, and lost me marks where just a little bit of extra time, to go… Continue reading

Sequencing and Narrative

I struggled when creating the sequencing for my book. I have made books for the past two modules but this has been different as the only images I have taken have been landscapes… Continue reading


For this module we have to make a book, binding and all! Although this isn’t the easy option and certainly adds a lot of stress towards the end of the deadline this allows… Continue reading

Required Images

For this module we had to take 4 different sets of images as part of completing the brief. These however did not have to be included in our final book, but must relate… Continue reading

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter’s relates to mine purely from subject matter. There are some interesting aspects of both pictures of clouds and landscapes. These can act as inspiration to how I might approach taking more… Continue reading

Studio Lighting

Before this project I had used the studio, just not very often and I wasn’t confident in setting any of the equipment up or shooting in this environment. I always used the excuse… Continue reading

Lecture series for 152MC

Nashville and narrative: The main aspect of this lecture was to look at these points: Why narrative matters What music of the American south can teach us Geo and socio-location Narrative structures, tools… Continue reading

Paula McCartney- Bird Watching

I found Paula McCartney’s book ‘Bird Watching’ really interesting and think it links really well with the project that I am currently doing and is the inspiration that I got for providing little notes next… Continue reading