Mock Books

From the start of this project I have been pretty set on making a book for my final piece. For the amount of photos I planned to take and what was going to be in the photos this seemed ideal. However after actually making some mock books I really am not happy with them and have gone off the idea. I do think they work, they just don’t have the wow factor that I am looking for in my final piece. I feel like if I was to stick with this and make a book then I would be going for the easy option and not exploring all the possibilities.

Although at this point spending all the time I did creating the two mock books seems like a waste of time it definitely wasn’t. I now know that this is not the way forward for my project and can develop this further, this is a key part of the experimentation within my project.

The main issue I had with the books I made is that I felt that I, as the photographer had too much control. I want to give some of this creative control to the audience. The images I have taken don’t need to be seen in a particular order, yes the locations do group together, however the order you see these locations and what order the images within the locations are really doesn’t matter. I think within the book there really is no reason for the order in which the locations are and without being able to justify this I don’t feel comfortable with creating it. What I’m trying to say is the book really is too linear and static. I want the audience to be able to chose where there journey starts and where it ends, much like the journey that you may take on a bus, and this mode of presentation just isn’t working like that.

See below the two mock books that I have made.

Mock book 1:

After looking through this book over and over I decided that I really didn’t like it. It’s too strict, and almost boring. The images are pretty much all the same size  and don’t vary in position on the page much. Unfortunately I think that this is the kind of book that you would never actually get to the end of. As well I think that I have tried too cover all 3 of the different themes that I have been shooting in throughout this project. I need to take the brave step and take out certain features that don’t work. Although I really love the straight on images of bus stops in a grid form, and I think they are striking and really enables the audience to see a comparison between the locations, they just aren’t working here. I decided that these may just add to my research and experimentation and not actually appear in my final outcome. This was hard for me to accept as I have spent a lot of time taking these shots and editing them too, however I feel like they don’t add anything to the work and if anything weaken what I am producing. As well as this I need to consider audience knowledge. Although without these it will not be obvious that my locations are all bus stops I feel that after looking through my work this will become apparent. By including the straight on images it’s almost assuming that the people looking at my work can’t figure this out, I don’t want to assume they aren’t intelligent enough to do this.

Another aspect I want to consider is using different framing methods for different themes of my work. So I have established that I will not be using one theme, but the abstract images and portraits is something that I am still interested in using and I think these compliment each other, especially with the use of maps. I think the portraits are really strong, and although they definitely belong in the project they may be better suited as larger prints that accompany the rest of the images, this is something that I am going to experiment further.

Mock book 2:

I do think this book works a lot better than the previous one. I have managed to make my work less linear which will keep the audience more interested. However I still think that there is the problem of the ordering of the locations. Without being able to justify this I just won’t be happy with including them in a book that can’t be rearranged.

I really like how I have chaptered each location within this book and this is something that I think I will carry on to whatever I create for my final outcome. By highlighting the dots in the colour of the bus route on the portraits I am linking the two components together without having to include them in the same artefact.