As a class we are responding to the Photographers Playbook with a publication of our own: a book. We have designed a template together, as there is a big class it is going to be quite hard to keep everything consistent. To combat this we have a list of rule to abide by. Hopefully this will mean that the final publication will look professional and is to a standard that everyone is happy with. Obviously it is going to be hard to include everything from each task on the pages that we have been allocated. If we were to include everything the book would be very expensive and big! Therefore an important thing to consider is how I am going to represent my task, and which images I will choose to include. I also need to consider how I want to show videos and audio on my pages.

Paper tests: 

Although it was not a requirement to print professionally I decided that I would go to the printers and experiment with a few papers, mainly with the thickness. By doing this I am getting into a professional mind-set and following the practice that I want to in the future. I also thought that this would be a helpful thing to do for when we discuss the publication further. Again this is not something that will be handed in or marked, but the more knowledge I have the better!

I already knew that I wanted my pages to be printed on matte paper, glossy certainly isn’t appropriate for a book. There are many reasons for this: fingerprints are left more and can be seen clearer; it is hard to bind and generally just doesn’t have the same effect.

I printed on 3 different thicknesses: 100gsm, 120gsm and 160gsm. Admittedly there isn’t a great different between the three, however looking at the samples I knew going any thicker or any thinner would not be suitable. In the end I chose the middle point of 120gsm. I thought 100gsm might be a little flimsy and was worried that it could get damaged too easily and when considering how many pages there was going to be in the book I decided that 160gsm would just be too thick.

I think the pages look good and the colours also stand out well. I will definitely recommend John E Wrights when we talk further about the publication as I am happy with the quality.

PDF of my 5 tasks: