Monthly Archive: October, 2015

Lecture 5- Concepts and Approaches

All is full of love: photography and gender Gender, sexuality, race, representation, feminism, post-feminism, difference, cyborg Gender Gender is a social construct. Gender is not simple ‘male’ or ‘female’, but additionally all the… Continue reading

Lecture 4- Concepts and Approaches

From Truth to Interpretation: Political and Experimental Documentary Practice Truth Interpretation The political and the aesthetic Looking at experiments in the media and individuals that have experimented with the from and thought of… Continue reading

One minute video- CCI

As part of our online community the students in Romania have asked us to make a 1 minute video of what we like best about our city, they will do the same with… Continue reading

Thoughts on CCI Body of Work

For the second part of the ‘Community, Culture and Identity’ module, we have to create a body of work. This term we have to write a proposal for this and next term is… Continue reading

Cov Sounds- Task 3- CCI

After having the talk by Jason Tilly on his site specific project ‘Imagine Hillfeilds’ we got set our own site specific task to help get us thinking and see how we would respond… Continue reading

Imagine Hillfeilds

Jason Scott Tilly -The response to Blakemore Archived photos from a deceased relative- started separating them into sections, looking for details- on the back Taylor brothers studio No idea what he was going… Continue reading

Lecture 3- Concepts and Approaches

The Pictures Generation: Representation, Appropriation, and Postmodernism Conceptual photography Never take anything as a given, always challenge it, question it ‘The art of portraits and nude’ photography manual Dig deep, wanting a big… Continue reading

201- Exhibition

We have now been introduced to the second part of this module, the exhibition. This will be held on 25th of February in groups of our choice. Although the easy option would of… Continue reading

201MC- Professional Experience: Introduction and Initial Thoughts

After being introduced to this module I have thought a lot more into the work placements that I want to do over the year. I think it would be most beneficial for me… Continue reading

Lecture 2- Concepts and Approaches

The linguistic turn: Photoconceptualism and thinking photography The avante-garde The photoconceptualism The linguistic turn The Avant-Garde: A movement in the arts that breaks away from the norm Derives from the French, experiments or… Continue reading