Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Studio Shoot and Edits

After looking at Matt Wisewski’s, Aneta Ivanova’s and Jasper James’ work I really just wanted to have a go myself. This also seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in the studio and have… Continue reading

Rinko Kawauchi

I looked at Rinko Kawauchi’s work to help me start to think a bit more about the sequencing of my work and how I might put them in a book. I have quite… Continue reading

Portraits: Studio Work

I don’t normally like working in the studio, however for me this project is all about change and experimentation, trying new things out. I didn’t want to create what I think of as… Continue reading

Night in Coventry

This is one of the first times I have ever done right photography, and the very first time I have ever done it in a city. This is a big difference to having… Continue reading


Having taken a lot of pictures when I was at home over Easter, I already had a lot of images to experiment and play with. I decided to take so many whilst I… Continue reading

Astrid Kruse Jensen

While researching photographers for this project I came across Astrid Kruse Jensen’s work. The images below are from a collection of different bodies of work that she has done. More than anything I just… Continue reading

Cally Whitham

Like many photographers I have looked at during this project Cally Whitham’s work isn’t focused on clouds, however by looking at these images I have been given more of an idea of how… Continue reading

Portraits: Aneta Ivanova, Matt Wisewski and Jasper James

For this project I really wanted to try something different with the portraits we have to experiment with. Before university portraits were a massive part of what I did, however in this project,… Continue reading

Joshua Lutz- Hesitating Beauty (Narrative Photography)

I believe that there is some kind of narrative in all photography, every image or body of work has some kind of story behind it, why it was taken, what it means, who… Continue reading

Calé- What it means to be lonely in a crowd

Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Calé created a series emphasising what it feels like to be lonely and disconnected from others. This is far from my idea but the way the portraits have been made… Continue reading