Calé- What it means to be lonely in a crowd

Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Calé created a series emphasising what it feels like to be lonely and disconnected from others. This is far from my idea but the way the portraits have been made interested me and made me think of different ways to experiment when taking portraits for my project. Although the thought behind my project and this one are very different I think they are similar in a way. This project is highlighting, how the person feels unimportant and disconnected to the life they lead, however in my project I am trying to show that although the person has a significance within my work they aren’t the most important thing within it, however without them it couldn’t be made, at least not with the same meaning and relevance that I am trying to capture. By blurring the whole person, against a background you can tell that there is a figure standing there but can tell little more, if anything about them. This is something that I wanted to experiment with when creating my portraits. I want the audience to know that there has been someone there, however personal facts about them generally don’t hold any importance. I am going to experiment with doing this, both in the studio and on location as well.