Having taken a lot of pictures when I was at home over Easter, I already had a lot of images to experiment and play with. I decided to take so many whilst I was at home as for this project I believe the ¬†countryside is much better suited, something that I easily have access to at home. However I didn’t want to completely dismiss photographing the city. I think that these could provide a good comparison to what I found at the countryside, more specifically when looking at the shadows that are created on the ground. When walking around taking pictures I found that some of them you can’t even tell are in a city, this is generally when they are framed by trees and other things that you generally think of in the countryside, this might be when I was at a park, but as well in the city in general. These have generally been planted and not naturally grown, but obviously you can’t tell the difference in the pictures. However in other pictures there are more things present that act as an obstacle such as buses, lamp posts and tall buildings, you wouldn’t get this in the countryside so this shows a direct comparison of the two. I think these images have worked well, I may not use them in my final piece because I think I have images that work better within my theme, however I will definitely experiment with including some of these in sequences for my final piece. Here are the images that I have taken:

Below are the contact sheets from this shoot:

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