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Lecture 5- Concepts and Approaches

All is full of love: photography and gender Gender, sexuality, race, representation, feminism, post-feminism, difference, cyborg Gender Gender is a social construct. Gender is not simple ‘male’ or ‘female’, but additionally all the… Continue reading

Star Trails

I have always wanted to do a star trail since I first saw them years ago, but never got the opportunity. Waiting for a clear night and having the night completely free is… Continue reading


For our professional experience module we got set a task over summer to interview someone that we admire. The only other limitations to this was that the video had to be 1-2 minutes… Continue reading

Reworking a project from first year

Although I feel like all of the modules could of benefitted with a bit of extra work to make me completely happy, and not to mention push my grade up a bit I… Continue reading

Professional Experience

During second year one of the modules we will do is called Professional Experience. This module basically will be us gaining experience in the working world and preparing ourselves for this. Over summer… Continue reading

Exhibition Reviews

London Dust  I visited the London Dust exhibition by Blees Luxemburg at the museum of London after having found it online and the subject matter and few images that I saw interested me… Continue reading


Another one of our summer tasks was to take two portraits, one of someone we know and one of a stranger. Taking a picture of someone I already know doesn’t really bother me… Continue reading