Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Initial shoot

So once I had my idea and had done a little bit of research I decided that the best thing to do was just to get out there and take some pictures. This… Continue reading

Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher

Although I don’t think that I will end up presenting my work like this, the Becher’s have inspired me to photograph as many bus stops that I come across and present them in… Continue reading

Christopher Herwig and Alexandra Soldatova

Both of Christopher Herwig and Alexandra Soldatova are photographers that both look at bus stops in other countries and the beauty around them. This is obviously a big difference to the UK and… Continue reading

Miranda Hutton

Miranda Hutton is another photographer that has made a project around the idea of bus stops however her work is much more abstract than the other projects that I have been looking at.… Continue reading

Aida Silvestri

My project is very heavily based around human interaction and what the people that are using this method of transport think. I really want to try and add their personal experiences and opinions… Continue reading

Alexey Titarenko, Tatsuo Suzuki and Martin Roemers

All of these photographers have one thing in common in their approaches and that is long exposure. Looking at all their work I really like the sense of movement that you get even… Continue reading

265MC Presentation

For 265MC, Concepts and Approaches, we have to do two things, write and essay around 1 picture and the theories and key concepts around it, and do a presentation on this as well.… Continue reading

Julien Tatham and Richard Hooker

When searching for photographers that have already completed projects around the area of bus stops Julien Tatham kept popping up! He is a photographer and artist that likes to reveal the beauty in… Continue reading

Project Proposal CCI

Project Proposal Above is the link to my project proposal for my body of work for community, culture and identity. This explains in a lot of detail ideas and plans for the rest… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches Lecture 7

The digital image and the algorithmic turn: non-representational photography and the poor image in network culture The linguistic term, indexicality, the digital photograph, the algorithmic turn, network culture, non-representational photography, remediation, the poor… Continue reading