Aida Silvestri

My project is very heavily based around human interaction and what the people that are using this method of transport think. I really want to try and add their personal experiences and opinions into my project. I don’t really want to do this in the form of an interview as I think that this may be too formal for what I am trying to achieve. I think it will work much better if I just get to know them and they open up to me. I don’t think that I need to be writing these things down as they are telling me as this may put them off. A lot of the time what really interests me will just be quick facts that I will remember myself. However, if the opportunity for an interview or something else arises I certainly won’t turn this down. I am treating this project as something that is very experimental and trying out a lot of things that I haven’t before, I don’t really know what is going to work or what my final piece looks like so I need to try everything I can and take all the opportunities that I get.

Aida Silvestri’s work shows the journeys and experiences of refugees. The images themselves are blurred portraits of the refugees with a drawing of the route that they have taken on top of them. This directly links the refugee to their journey. Next to each image is a caption with the refugees name, where they travelled to and how they got there. I think this is really interesting. Really we don’t know anything about them but by knowing this information we certainly find out a bit more. The fact that the images are in black and white and the journeys drawn on in colour I think shows that the journey that they have taken has made them who they are today. I think this work is very striking and it sticks in my mind after having seen it. This is something that I want to be able to achieve within my work. Below are some of the images from this series.

I think Silvestri’s approach to adding something personal to her project is very clever, and something that I am going to consider when adding human interaction into my project. For example the route could be the bus route they are taking and what their final destination is.