Monthly Archive: March, 2015


I purchased Robert Macfarlanes book Holloway after completing my first project ‘The Edge’ and becoming more interested in nature and the countryside. After reading it I was inspired to do my own project on a place… Continue reading

Critical Reflection: Vivienne Sassen Exhibition First Draft

For part of our course we have to write a critical reflection on something, this could be almost anything, from a photobook to an exhibition. For this I decided to go to London… Continue reading

Letter to Self: The Reply

Dear Past self… So nearly a year on and I have sat and read the letter I wrote to myself over summer as I was approaching the big move to Uni! The build… Continue reading

The Journey (Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity)

Since going to Ireland I have been very interested in the idea of using archived photos, and mainly from my own family albums. When I was younger digital cameras were only just starting… Continue reading

First Shoot

So having thought through my ideas and decided that my strangest one was the poem by Basho I decide the best way to get going, other than the obvious research that I have… Continue reading

Susan Derges

A lot of Susan Derges work is about nature, her images within different series are all very similar and taken with the same sort of style in mind. Most of her work concentrates… Continue reading

Katherine Wolkoff

Katherine Wolkoff’s series ‘Deer Beds’ looks at something that I am interested, she looks more into what isn’t there, opposed to what is. This links to my project when I am thinking about ‘the missing… Continue reading

Jerry Takigawa

Jerry Takigawa’s series ‘False Food’ gave me a few ideas on how to experiment with different ways to present my images. During this project I plan to take pictures at many different locations, at… Continue reading

Irving Penn

Irving Penn’s style of photography came to mine when I was thinking about the still life images that we have to shoot for this module. In the past I generally have stayed away… Continue reading

3 Idea Pitch

After having a tutorial with Matt, I pitched 3 of my ideas to him and a small group, the ideas I decided to pitch were: the haikus, the B4009 road and the 4.33… Continue reading