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Final Piece/ Evaluation

Today I finally finished my final piece! As I said in my critical analysis I had to stick the two sides together as I was unable to print double sided at the size… Continue reading

Critical Analysis

Overall with the time that I have had to complete this project including all the research and making of the final piece I am happy with what I have created, however if I… Continue reading


For the second part of this assignment we have to do a presentation, this is only 5 minutes and isn’t a formal thing. I decided against using a keynote for this as I… Continue reading

Audience Information

Originally I was going to provide the audience with some information at the back of the book, this was so that they were able to be given some concept for my plans on… Continue reading

Project Proposal Second Draft

As my project has gone on the ideas within in have changed and become more specific, when I first started this project and wrote my original proposal I had never been to a… Continue reading

Thinking more about the second side

After thinking more and having another tutorial with Matt I still think that having a second side is a good idea, however am still wary of it weakening my project. Although this is… Continue reading

Final Images

It took me a long time to cut down my images and decide what to include in my final piece. I had to carefully consider what actually was the border of the places… Continue reading

The Final Sequence

Above is the final sequence to my book. The first and last images are linked together setting and closing the scene, this gives the audience some context and helps them understand a bit… Continue reading

Second Side…

After having a tutorial with Anthony I am considering making a second side for my book. This makes sense as a border is approachable by both sides, this makes the book more relatable… Continue reading

Final Piece- Book

For my final piece I decided to make an accordion book, as i thought this was the best way to represent my work. I decided that a book would be a good way… Continue reading