Audience Information

Originally I was going to provide the audience with some information at the back of the book, this was so that they were able to be given some concept for my plans on the book but so they weren’t told what to think at the beginning and therefore looking through the whole book with that in mind. Since this thought I have further developed my book and now decided to create a double sided book. This makes the book somewhat continuous, leaving it hard to put text at the end, or anywhere really. I didn’t want to break the images up, or make the audience feel like there was a certain way to read the book as I do not believe that there is. Even the front and back covers linking up suggest that there is no true beginning. I feel like the images are strong and stand well on there own, less is certainly more and I don’t want to over do it with any text that I do include. I have researched photo books looking for a solution which would enable me to use text but not necessarily in the book itself. A solution that I have come up with is something similar to Paul Gaffney’s book ‘We Make the Path by Walking’, this book has a slip cover that the book slides into, I could either make one of these that holds a separate sheet of paper as well, therefore the audience decides when to read it, or if they want to at all, or I could include some writing on this, this would however mean that it would be read before the book had been looked at. I plan on making my book first and then experimenting with this idea more. The thing that I need to think about most is: does the book really need any text?

Paul Gaffney’s book:

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I have decided that the book at least needs a title, ‘Life Within’ is what I decided on. This doesn’t completely give away what the project is about but gives subtle hints towards things such as borders and what is the other side. This allows the audience to think about these hints while looking for the book and gives them small clues as to what my project is about but still gets them come up with their own opinion as there I haven’t given them enough information as to tell them what I want them to think. As i said before I didn’t want to cut the front and back cover up and block it with a title or cover slip, to overcome this I decided to use acetate, as this is transparent you can still see the title that has been written on but also all of the image. This is also a good way to keep the book neatly together. See my book below: