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As a class we are responding to the Photographers Playbook with a publication of our own: a book. We have designed a template together, as there is a big class it is going… Continue reading

Phonar- Task 5: Final Outcome

Tweets summarising the task: Visual portrait of the author: Work created in the style of the author: The body of work: The Digital Native Being part of the generation that I am, the… Continue reading

Task 5: The Process

1. Read your Playbook assignment very thoroughly. Think about how you could summarise it to someone who hasn’t read it. Then tweet a synopsis that focuses on the key elements guiding the assignment–be… Continue reading

Task 4: The Final Outcome

Having rarely experimented with audio before I decided to recreate Tim Walkers task purely using this. Although I considered using a visual aspect (video footage, still images or colour) to accompany this I… Continue reading

Task 4: The Process

Choose one of the images or assignments you made as part of the making workshops. 2. Make the image, or complete the assignment, again––this time using audio or video instead of still image. You… Continue reading

Task Three: The Final Outcome

Tweets summerising task: Visual portrait of the author: An image made in the style of the author: The body of work: How it is presented online: Critical Rationale: I am happy with my… Continue reading

Phonar- Task 3: The Process

Task  3, written by KayLynn Deveney titled ‘A Guide to the Neighbourhood. Summaries the task and tweet it in no more than three tweets, using the relevant hashtags. I found reading the task… Continue reading

Phonar-Task Two: The Final Outcome

Critical Rationale: I found it hard deciding which task to develop further. There were so many different routes that I wanted to take; however I am very happy with my body of work.… Continue reading

Phonar- Task Two: The Process

During the first week of our lectures for Phonar (Photography and Narrative) we completed 4 mini tasks from The Photographers Playbook. These tasks were from: Christine Shank, Aline Smithson, Shawn Records and Melissa… Continue reading

Phonar- Task One: Final Outcome

Tweets summarising the task: Visual portrait of the author Work in the style of the author: Final body of work: The reflection of my experience: When travelling to Tulum I really didn’t know… Continue reading