Second Side…

After having a tutorial with Anthony I am considering making a second side for my book. This makes sense as a border is approachable by both sides, this makes the book more relatable to the experience I have had. However I don’t want to weaken my project by using images that originally didn’t make the cut for the first edition of my book.

There are several things that I need to consider, do I just half my book and use the half of the sequence on one side and the other half on the other side? This wouldn’t weaken my sequence but would make the book a lot shorter. I also have the option to just re print the original sequence as it is and repeat it on the back, this also won’t weaken my series but do I want to just repeat it? If I had more time I would definitely create a different series to use on the other side, however as my project stands I think this will only weaken my book. The images that have been edited out of the final cut were edited out for a reason, they either don’t work within the series or aren’t strong enough, for this reason I don’t think that I will use a separate series for the other side as I don’t want to weaken my final piece as a whole. Any extra time would be used to get more images that are strong enough to stand within the series, however this close to the deadline it just isn’t possible. I will however think more about the other options that I have.