Thinking more about the second side

After thinking more and having another tutorial with Matt I still think that having a second side is a good idea, however am still wary of it weakening my project. Although this is still true I wanted to do everything I can to see if it is possible to still create a final piece with two sides that is still strong. I decided that my images of the border of these places aren’t strong enough and with no time or money to go back to any of  the Chinatowns to reshoot this isn’t an option for the other side of my book. However the thought that borders are approachable by two sides still stands, but the other side isn’t going to be the border but what I found on the other side of the border and actually in the Chinatown. Having a lot more images that I can look through an chose from I know there are enough images to still make a strong series from. This may not be what I had originally thought of when thinking of another side of my work however I almost think that this might work better and make more sense. This book could almost be like looking through a window when you turn it over, after looking around the edge and at the border you are finally let in to see what is there. Although this final piece is a book form, if it was exhibited it would predominately be displayed standing up so people could approach it from both sides, as you can a border.

After looking through my images are started to create some kind of sequence, below is the final sequence that I decided to use. I have put this in to print. Unfortunately double sided printed wasn’t an option with the custom size of the paper that I wanted to use, so I am going to have to stick the two sides together. This isn’t ideal but with the amount of time left is my only option. I’m hoping this will still look good and I will still be happy with my final piece.

When thinking about this sequence I wanted to be consistent with the first side so that the final piece worked well and flowed nicely from not only one image to the other but one side to the other. The way my book has turned out there isn’t an obvious start and finish point but more of a continuous flow throughout the whole book. I was able to achieve this by laying the images out in the same style and using the same size images. When sequencing the images I was also thinking about the same things that I previously was such as shape and colour. I stuck with the same idea that I didn’t want the layout to be smooth as o replicate the roughness and unclarity of the borders that I was photographing. Even though these images explore the other side of the border and what was in the Chinatown I think this is still relevant.

second side