Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Milton Keynes- Garden City- Task 5- CCI

Our fifth task is again site specific, to prepare us for the body of work that we have to make next term. This task is different to the others in a couple of… Continue reading

Web of Transport- Task 4- CCI

After Cov sounds, our first group project outside of uni was even more challenging than the first, not only did we have to collaborate and work with our peers in our class, but… Continue reading

201 Exhibition- New Idea!

So originally my group all came together with the shared interests of fashion photography and collaborations. Somehow, through the excitement and the vast amount of ideas we all had we got away from… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches- Essay Ideas

For my essay and presentation I started off with two images revolving around my main passion fashion photography. These were the images below, by Stephen Meisel (water and oil) and Melvin Sokolosky¬†(the bubble),… Continue reading