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Refined Summer Diary

For my summer diary I originally decided to present it in a sketchbook style because I thought this would be more appropriate as a book form relates to the diary style. However I… Continue reading

Partners in Crime Film Review

This was actually the first Asian film that I had ever seen and the opening film to the East Winds Film Festival, I was a little dubious going into this, not thinking I… Continue reading

The Teachers Diary Film Review

The teacher’s diary is a romantic comedy set in Thailand, although set and produced was in Thailand and not an English made film, much to my surprise, it wasn’t too dissimilar from what… Continue reading


I purchased Robert Macfarlanes book Holloway after completing my first project ‘The Edge’ and becoming more interested in nature and the countryside. After reading it I was inspired to do my own project on a place… Continue reading

Critical Reflection: Vivienne Sassen Exhibition First Draft

For part of our course we have to write a critical reflection on something, this could be almost anything, from a photobook to an exhibition. For this I decided to go to London… Continue reading

Letter to Self: The Reply

Dear Past self… So nearly a year on and I have sat and read the letter I wrote to myself over summer as I was approaching the big move to Uni! The build… Continue reading

The Journey (Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity)

Since going to Ireland I have been very interested in the idea of using archived photos, and mainly from my own family albums. When I was younger digital cameras were only just starting… Continue reading

Ireland 2015

In February my class made a trip to Ireland, we visited some exhibitions and had a bit of a wander around getting to know Ireland. We visited both Dublin and Belfast, it was… Continue reading

Emma Critchley

Today Emma Critchley came to give a talk about her work, this was mainly for third years, she spoke a lot about the presentation and how the scale and size of images are… Continue reading

Visual Diary

Over the summer we got set the task to create a visual diary, I decided to do mine a little differently to what may be first interpreted by many. I didn’t want to… Continue reading