Partners in Crime Film Review

This was actually the first Asian film that I had ever seen and the opening film to the East Winds Film Festival, I was a little dubious going into this, not thinking I would enjoy it, purely because of the massive culture change and that throughout the film I would be reading subtitles. However I was pleasantly surprised, this set me up for the next film I saw, going in with a more positive attitude.

This film shows the relationship between 3 boys quickly escalate from not knowing each other to being there for each other after they find one of their classmates bodies, the film documents how quickly this is changed and they are pulled apart. However the film did emphasise how quickly bonds can be formed between unlikely individuals, no matter what the personality differences are. There just has to be something that brings them together in the first place. This film was much like a murder mystery, trying to find out who how this young girl had died. Much like many English films I was expecting to be able to predict this from the beginning or at least the middle, however I was constantly on the edge of my seat, my opinion endlessly changing of what I thought had happened. When the end finally came, none of my predictions had been correct with a total twist, which I don’t think anyone in the audience was expecting. This is something that I think many films lack, being able to predict the end early on in the film, takes away the element of surprise and shock that adds so much more to a film.

This twist at the end is not the only surprising part of the film, these sneak into the storyline throughout the whole film, this technique kept the audience interested and intrigued throughout the whole film. Each scene within the film has been produced seamlessly, in the way of lighting, music and setting. Without realising the audience is almost being told how to feel, whether it is the music or camera shots such as a slow-motion extreme close up which is a particular shot I noticed whilst watching, this perfectly matched the minimalistic music that was often paired with these shots.

It is hard to pick out a main character within this film as each of the three boys are concentrated on equally and new things are revealed about each of them during the duration of the film. As well as this, the girl that died, although not alive throughout the whole film, plays a big role, in the form of flashbacks and the other students finding out more about her. This is a method that I don’t recognise in many films but I think it is important in this particular film as it strengthens the idea that everyone is equal in a group, whether they have been friends for a long time or it’s all very new.

Overall I would highly recommend this film to people who are into mystery/thriller films, I found myself constantly wondering what would happen next, something that makes this genre successful.