Refined Summer Diary

For my summer diary I originally decided to present it in a sketchbook style because I thought this would be more appropriate as a book form relates to the diary style. However I think that as my diary is more a comparison of two different weeks in my life, in two different cultures, this style isn’t really needed. When doing this task I used a disposable camera, I decided to do this because I feel like it is a more casual thing to carry around that a big DSLR camera, and if people are in the images it is less likely that they will notice, therefore they will be acting more natural. As well, I liked the idea that you are not going to be aware of what the images are going to look like, it is all to chance, and a risk as to whether any of the pictures turned out good at all. Unfortunately when I stuck these images into the original sketchbook, I didn’t think to scan these in first, so a few of the final selection have glue marks or are lightly damaged. This was avoidable but as I have come to redo my project it is unfortunately not. I decided that less images were needed to depict my time in both Tunisia and back at home, but an equal amount providing a direct comparison between the two. I think that I have piked some of the stronger images within the photos that I have taken, I plan to provide a more structured style to show the difference and not overlap anything like I previously did. Below is my second edit of the summer diary that I made: