Task 4: The Process

  1. Choose one of the images or assignments you made as part of the making workshops.

Cocktails <3

2. Make the image, or complete the assignment, again––this time using audio or video instead of still image. You may follow the steps of Eva Sutton’s Synesthesia (attached), if this helps you translate your work into different media.


  • Cocktail picture- something that you love
  • Just audio- making the cocktail: pouring drinks and ice in shaking and serving
  • Music in background? Going out
  • Experiment with video to- concentrate on colours? More abstract
  • Look into opacities and layering?

Audio File:

3. Write a brief critical rationale focused on substantiating the choices you have made at Step 3.

Having rarely experimented with audio before I decided to recreate Tim Walkers task purely using this. Although I considered using a visual aspect (video footage, still images or colour) to accompany this I decided against this to create a more abstract piece. I think by using visual elements I would have taken away from the simplicity and confused the audience. I also considered using music, like what would be around a cocktail bar, however I also decided against this. Once again this would of just added confusion, mixing two completely different sounds together appeared messy and incoherent.

This task has forced me to play around with premiere pro more, making me more confident. As well as this I have also experimented with new equipment: the edirol. This improves my skills as a photographer and allows me to consider more ways of experimenting in the future.

I found this task challenging as it isn’t often that I work with audio and when I do I struggle to get it to represent what I want. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate the image into just audio in an effective way. However listening to my final piece I think that it is clear what it is, especially if the person listening shares the same love as I do! By using audio I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and made to think of different ways to represent things and tell stories. By recreating this image I now feel confident enough to translate these skills in my practice more often.