Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Group Tutorial- Paul Smith

After having the tutorial with Paul we talked a lot more about how to get first hand information, for example by talking to people. I have tried to talk┬áto people within the Chinatowns… Continue reading

Project Proposal

This is the project proposal that I wrote at the beginning of my project. At this point I had never been to a Chinatown before so the project was still unclear. In this… Continue reading

Returning to London

After reviewing my initial shoots I returned to London this week, I went back with the intention to focus on more specific things, one of these being talking to some of the locals.… Continue reading

Emma Critchley

Today Emma Critchley came to give a talk about her work, this was mainly for third years, she spoke a lot about the presentation and how the scale and size of images are… Continue reading

Liverpool Chinatown- Initial Shoot

I went to Liverpool Chinatown to continue my initial images, I was still wanting to just get a feel for what a Chinatown and the life there is like. I was planning on… Continue reading

Anders Petersen- Cafe Lehmitz

Anders Petersen’s series ‘Cafe Lehmitz’ is about showing what it is like in a cafe/meeting place in Germany. Cafe Lehmitz was open 24 hours and attracted many different types of people from prostitutes… Continue reading

Jeffrey Stockbridge- Kensignton Blues

Kensington Blues is a portrait project of the people living along Kensington Avenue in North Philadelphia. Kensington used to be a national leader for then textile industry, in the 20th century there was… Continue reading

Mark Power- The City of 6 Towns

Mark Power was asked to make a visual study of Stoke on Trent, to relate to what stories, landscapes and people he found there. This is very similar to what I will be… Continue reading

Taryn Simon- The Innocents

Taryn Simon’s series ‘The Innocents’ documents the stories on people who served time in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. Simon’s photographed these people at places that were linked to the crime… Continue reading

Refining my idea

After speaking to Matt and researching some more photographers work I have a few new things to try to make my idea more interesting and more specific than just looking at Chinatowns as… Continue reading