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265MC Presentation

For 265MC, Concepts and Approaches, we have to do two things, write and essay around 1 picture and the theories and key concepts around it, and do a presentation on this as well.… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches Lecture 7

The digital image and the algorithmic turn: non-representational photography and the poor image in network culture The linguistic term, indexicality, the digital photograph, the algorithmic turn, network culture, non-representational photography, remediation, the poor… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches Lecture 6

Photography and the expanded field: abstraction and Materiality Conflicting lines video- looking at images of conflict, the lines hitting curves and looking at the conflicts, try and create a photograph that has the… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches- Essay Ideas

For my essay and presentation I started off with two images revolving around my main passion fashion photography. These were the images below, by Stephen Meisel (water and oil) and Melvin Sokolosky (the bubble),… Continue reading

Lecture 4- Concepts and Approaches

From Truth to Interpretation: Political and Experimental Documentary Practice Truth Interpretation The political and the aesthetic Looking at experiments in the media and individuals that have experimented with the from and thought of… Continue reading

Lecture 3- Concepts and Approaches

The Pictures Generation: Representation, Appropriation, and Postmodernism Conceptual photography Never take anything as a given, always challenge it, question it ‘The art of portraits and nude’ photography manual Dig deep, wanting a big… Continue reading

Lecture 2- Concepts and Approaches

The linguistic turn: Photoconceptualism and thinking photography The avante-garde The photoconceptualism The linguistic turn The Avant-Garde: A movement in the arts that breaks away from the norm Derives from the French, experiments or… Continue reading

Lecture 1- Concepts and Approaches

An introduction on the origins ad development of photography theory These lectures will look at different concepts from 3 aspects: Cultural Political Philosophical 1840-1900 With all histories we need to be critically aware… Continue reading

265MC- Concepts and Approaches Introduction

Today we were introduced to our first module, ‘Concepts and Approaches’. This is a theory based module to help us develop our writing and presentation skills in relation to photography, this will allow… Continue reading