I purchased Robert Macfarlanes book Holloway after completing my first project ‘The Edge’ and becoming more interested in nature and the countryside. After reading it I was inspired to do my own project on a place that I had already been to and had a lot of memories there. This would vary a lot to the book due to having been to the place and not returning due to the death of someone I went with. I wanted to resist the place and see if anything had changed. This could be anything from my emotions or the physical features of the place. I decided where to go from looking through my family photo albums and decided to do this as my extra curricular activity, see the next blog post to see how this project turned out! This book beautifully described their journey and what they did on it, although I didn’t want to necessarily document what I had done on my journey, both as a child and when returning, I did want to show the place in the light that I saw it, and show the beauty. I think that I have managed to do this, with a twist of using my archived images as well.