Monthly Archive: February, 2015

The Final Sequence

Above is the final sequence to my book. The first and last images are linked together setting and closing the scene, this gives the audience some context and helps them understand a bit… Continue reading

Second Side…

After having a tutorial with Anthony I am considering making a second side for my book. This makes sense as a border is approachable by both sides, this makes the book more relatable… Continue reading

Final Piece- Book

For my final piece I decided to make an accordion book, as i thought this was the best way to represent my work. I decided that a book would be a good way… Continue reading

Book Mock Ups

I always knew that I wanted to make a book for my final piece, I think this is the best approach to include multiple images. Also as my project is all about the… Continue reading

Ed Ruscha- Every Building on the Sunset Strip

Ed Ruscha created and accordion style book for his project, this presentation works well as it reflects the subject matter that he is presenting: the strip of buildings. Ruscha’s book is 25 feet… Continue reading

Border Theories- Elian Somers

Elian Somers made a photo book called ‘border theories’, this relates to my project for the obvious reasons that she is looking to a similar subject matter to me. By looking at this… Continue reading

Primary Research

For this project I have conducted some primary research to help me, firstly, I have spoken to some of the people that were actually in the Chinatown when I was. I was originally… Continue reading

Refined Project- Final Idea

After exploring several different themes within the border theme of Chinatowns, I have decided that looking at the border and where the¬†town ends and the Chinese community begins to sneak in has provided… Continue reading

Back to Birmingham

Having reflected on all of my previous shoots I made my final trip to get some last images. I went back to Birmingham as when i previously went here I wasn’t concentrating on… Continue reading

Back to London

I made one final trip to London, this was to get some final images, and specialise more on the borders of the Chinatown. I think this shoot went well although it was the… Continue reading