Ed Ruscha- Every Building on the Sunset Strip

Ed Ruscha created and accordion style book for his project, this presentation works well as it reflects the subject matter that he is presenting: the strip of buildings. Ruscha’s book is 25 feet long and gives the audience two separate but continuous views of the Sunset strip, this shows a very similar view to what Ed Ruscha saw himself as he was taking the images, making this a very effective method to present his work.

I am going to use an accordion style book to present my final piece, although my project is very different to Ruscha’s there are still some very valid reasons as to why I would use this technique. An accordion book can be flicked through like a book, the pages of this could represent the borders that I am researching and exploring, as well as this it can be fully opened and even stood up. This could also represent the border, but in a physical form.

When making my book I need to carefully consider which pictures I am going to include and how I am going to lay them out. I also need to consider whether I give the images a border of white space around them or whether they completely fill the page.

Below are a few images of Ed Ruscha’s book: Every Building on the Sunset Strip:

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