Back to Birmingham

Having reflected on all of my previous shoots I made my final trip to get some last images. I went back to Birmingham as when i previously went here I wasn’t concentrating on capturing the borders of these communities but just the community as a whole. When I first visited I was fairly new to Chinatowns so didn’t really know what I was looking for. On my return I was able to look at this Chinatown a lot more critically and specifically look out for the border and where the transition began from Birmingham to the Chinatown. I think the images I got here were strong, and some will definitely be used in my final piece.

I think these images represent the borders well. A lot of these don’t reflect the stereotypical Chinese culture, this is what I wanted to capture as I think it makes the audience question what I am trying to get across with my images. When making my final piece I think I will include audience information after the pictures. This allows the audience to look at my images and create their own opinion before knowing what my intentions were. By not including what people generally think of Chinese culture, but just subtle hints of the Chinatown, I think this represents the true border and what I was interested in. Below is the contact sheets from this shoot and a few of the images that I selected to edit.