Refined Project- Final Idea

After exploring several different themes within the border theme of Chinatowns, I have decided that looking at the border and where the town ends and the Chinese community begins to sneak in has provided me with the strongest images and a wider body of work. Although some of my other ideas seemed strong they didn’t always work out as well as I wanted them to, this may have been due to the time limit or distance I had to travel to get my images but something always seemed to get in the way. I have been collecting images from Chinatowns since the beginning of the project and got many images of the border at the beginning without even realising. Once I had decided to focus more on this the images I was creating got stronger and stronger. I like the fact that these images may cause discussion within my audience. When presenting my work I am going to include the audience information at the end of the series. This allows the people viewing my work to have their own opinion before they know mine and what I was trying to get across, this may then form new opinions within the audience.

I have been on quite a journey to get to this final piece and experimented with many different options of projects. I think with the time that I had to create this project I have experimented with many different views that people may have on Chinatowns and concluded with something that may be missed. This may form interesting thoughts and discussions due to people not normally noticing these things.