Back to London

I made one final trip to London, this was to get some final images, and specialise more on the borders of the Chinatown. I think this shoot went well although it was the Chinese new year, so much hard to tell where the border is, as I had already been there a few times I knew where it was. I concentrated on getting images that reflected the edge of this community, capturing the hints that you are entering a new community, these may be obvious like a sign in the tube station or more subtle like the generic colours of China (green and red) on every day objects such as lampposts and bins. I also looked at the direct comparison of English and Chinese traditions such as a typically English building with Chinese lanterns on them. As well as this I looked a lot at the shapes I could see here, this is something that I want to continue when I go to Birmingham later in the week for my last shoot. After reflecting on this I think this works well and will probably be a main feature in my final piece. This allows both a comparison between the architecture of England and China and and indication that you are entering the Chinatown through characteristics such as the colours present. Although I found this shoot harder due to the Chinese New Year, I think it went well, and although this challenge was there I still think I was able to capture what I wanted to.

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