Final Piece- Book

For my final piece I decided to make an accordion book, as i thought this was the best way to represent my work. I decided that a book would be a good way to present my work for several reasons, firstly I wanted to option to use as many images as I wanted, with what I wanted to get across I would of struggled with just a few images. Also, with my subject matter, the border of Chinatowns, I thought that the pages would play on that, each page being part of or a different border and turning it leading to something new. I experimented with several types of books that you will see from my previous post, however I finally decided on using an accordion style book as I thought this best suited my project. I liked the way that you have the option to either turn the pages as a book or to completely open it out as one long page. This could also stand up, resembling the border which I had been photographing. The other books I tried out (Japanese stab binding) also worked, however I just think this style had that little something extra and represented what I was trying to get across really well.

I made several mock up versions of my book, trying to get the right sequence of images. I instantly knew how to pair some images, however some were a little harder. I played around with having a pair of images on one page, I decided against this because the page seemed too busy, I tried it with the images smaller, so the whole page wasn’t full but the scale just didn’t seem right as the book itself is quite small. It took me quite a few attempts to be happy with how I had sequenced the images, I knew that I want to leave a blank page after the first few images where you could tell that you were in or approaching Chinatown, this was because although you are still looking at the same project I feel like it is a slightly different subject matter, and these first few images are contextualising for the audience, setting the scene and giving hints for the rest of the book. Without these few images I think it would be very unclear in what I was trying to get across or where I was. I also thought about carving out parts of the front cover, but I decided that this was too much, the book is simple, the design is clean and easy, I didn’t want to over complicate things. The front cover is enough and the fact that it links up to the back cover is an interesting enough twist. I also thought about presenting the book in a box, I went against this as well. I think my design works well and is strong enough to stand on its own, it does’t need anything extra. Below is the design in photoshop.

Front cover:back cover final piece Pages:final piece

second side

Back cover:

front cover final pieceAnd here are a few pictures of the book when it was finished.