The Final Sequence

final piece Above is the final sequence to my book. The first and last images are linked together setting and closing the scene, this gives the audience some context and helps them understand a bit more about my project. Originally both of these were both at the beginning of the book, however I felt that these images were too similar to be placed close together. I also struggled to find a good image to close the sequence, by using similar images at both the beginning and end of the book I think it gives the audience a good context and helps them understand what the book is about. The information I am giving them is similar and therefore not misleading. After the second image I left a blank page, I did this because I feel like the images after these two aren’t as obvious, the audience has the chance to create their own opinion on the work, and not just think what I am trying to tell them. From this point on the images are very much what I though I could see on the border. When deciding on what images to including I decided to use a lot of the colours (green and red) which were running through both the Chinatown and the border, providing the hint that I was approaching it. I also looked a lot at the architecture that I could see, this is linked in with the colours. After selecting the images I had to decide which images worked well together, I didn’t want to weaken parts of the book by putting images together that didn’t necessarily work. It took several attempts and mock books to come up with the final sequencing but I am finally happy with how they are laid out. I decided not to have all the images at the same height or size. Most of the images are the same size but a few are slightly bigger filling the whole page, having no whit border. I decided to do this to emphasise that the borders I were looking at weren’t clear or consistent, sometimes it was even hard to tell it was a border, they weren’t smooth and certainly weren’t marked out. By laying my images out like this I think it gives the audience this point of view.