Border Theories- Elian Somers

Elian Somers made a photo book called ‘border theories’, this relates to my project for the obvious reasons that she is looking to a similar subject matter to me. By looking at this series I was able to get an idea of what other photographers have done when looking at a similar thing. This isn’t directly relatable to my project as I was looking at the smaller area of Chinatowns whereas Somers took pictures of three cities: Birobidzhan, Kaliningrad and Yuzhno-Sakhalinksk. The photographs in this series reflect the history and the construction of the identity of these three cities. Each of these cities are located in a remote border zone of the Soviet Union. There were things such as border conflicts and wars here. This project has help me develop my idea as it is one of the few that I have seen that has actually photographed the border of a place, it has helped me to think of it in a different way.