Book Mock Ups

I always knew that I wanted to make a book for my final piece, I think this is the best approach to include multiple images. Also as my project is all about the borders and edges of Chinatowns, I think the pages play an interesting role. Each page and fold can represent a different border, Deleuze states that the fold ‘forces of the outside’, this may suggest that each fold is representing a new and different border, showing something is outside of it if it runs off the page. This fits in well with my project as I am looking at what is inside or outside a border. I have experimented with two types of book: Japanese stab bound and accordion, after trying several of each style I have decided that for my project the accordion book works better, and fits in more. Below see a few pictures of the mock up books that I made:

Japanese stab bound:

Although the Japanese stab bound book worked well and was neat, I decided this wasn’t necessarily the best option for my book. When looking at the mocks I made of these I just thought there was something missing. After trying the accordion style I decided I liked this a lot better. One of the main things that I didn’t like about this style of binding is that you couldn’t fully open the book, enabling it to lay flat on the table. This didn’t really effect my images in a negative way its just a personal preference.


I decided that the accordion style of book worked better for several reasons, I think it gave me more more of a chance to represent and hint towards what I have been exploring throughout my project: the border of Chinatowns.By carefully deciding where my images will lay on the page I can also show that the borders aren’t always clear or smooth, this means that everything links back to the initial thought of the borders and edges of these communities.