Letter to Self: The Reply

Dear Past self…

So nearly a year on and I have sat and read the letter I wrote to myself over summer as I was approaching the big move to Uni! The build up to this had been immense and understandably I was feeling so many different emotions. I was right though, I have had an amazing year at Uni and I certainly wouldn’t change any of my experiences for anything! Fresher’s week was crazy, and was touch and go whether I would survive after the fresher’s flu hit me and my friends, we got through though and here we are talking about doing it all over again as second years!

The people that I have met here are amazing and certainly will be around for a long time, there is no doubt about that. From moving out I have certainly gained the independence that I wanted to and can actually manage my money a lot better than I thought I would. Turns out I had no need to be nervous when meeting people, I get on with everyone so well, both people I have met from halls and photography!

Onto the actual course, it has been everything I wanted from it and I certainly have learnt so much from digital cameras to film and medium format cameras, something we had to do in the first term and getting me straight back in the darkroom, something I have always loved but always forget the beauty of it until I am in there. This is something that I certainly will not forget anytime soon and plan to return there lots next term. We have also had lots of opportunities to listen to talks from guest lecturers and our lecturers too. I have definitely experimented with different genres and found a love and interest for things that I thought I would never enjoy. A big part of my work before was portraits and mainly fashion, although I still love this genre I have tried to stay away from this this year to give me a chance to find this love which I have for the others that I have tried. I certainly never expected to have produced the work I have this year, however none the less I love it all the same. As for advice, I certainly have loads of people to go to, whether it’s the people on my course, the second years I have met, or the tutors themselves, all this advice is different and has provided me with so many different options throughout the whole course.

Its understandable that I didn’t know how to feel during the build up to Uni, and it certainly has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but something I have loved experiencing and I certainly don’t regret the decision to come here, in fact it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

As for goodbyes, they may be hard at the time but in reality it is never long, and it’s true what they say, one door closed is the opening of another, I love my friends here and at home and I will never be on my own. All in all, everything you said may have been true, but you have come out the other end a stronger person, and a more creative and simply better photographer. Well done and don’t stop there!