201 Exhibition- New Idea!

So originally my group all came together with the shared interests of fashion photography and collaborations. Somehow, through the excitement and the vast amount of ideas we all had we got away from these initial thoughts and the things that brought us all together. We have realised this and done something about it. We were finding it really hard to get started on our other project and simply didn’t have the motivation to create the amount of new work we needed to. We figured out that this was due to the lack of links that we already had within this theme, and decided that it really wasn’t what we wanted to exhibit. We had a group meeting and discussed how we could change this, obviously we all knew that going back to fashion was the way forward! The majority of our group already has existing work to do with the genre fashion and portraiture, this can be the main body of work within our exhibition. Fashion is obviously a very wide genre and could include so many different types of photography, this doesn’t matter as we can exhibit work by photographers, meaning that it doesn’t all have to be the same style. This will all be linked by the wider title of fashion. We didn’t want to just display our old work, so we decided that getting in contact with the fashion students would be the next thing we needed to do. They will have existing work that they want to exhibit and get people to see, and by collaborating it will benefit both groups of students. We really want to make our exhibition stand out, so we decided that on the opening night we will have a fashion show of these collections- thinking a lot into how the event will be run, really making it an atmosphere that people want to be in, and not just while they are looking around at the pictures but potentially for the whole night. As well as this catwalk we will photograph the collections that will be shown and there will be another section within our exhibition showing this.

Although it may be a risk to change our idea a few weeks into the module I definitely think it was for the best. People may initially think that we have created more work for ourselves as we are now weeks behind where the other groups are at, however I feel a lot more confident with our idea now and I think that we really have less work to do as our main body of work has essentially already been made, and the work that we will be creating is mainly down to collaborations. I think that our event will be a lot more successful than our previous idea, and will stand out compared to the other groups as it isn’t just the average exhibition there is other stuff going on too.

One of my roles within the group is finding the space that we want to exhibit our work in. Before we came up with this new idea I was finding it hard. I didn’t find the contacting the places and getting a response hard, nor organising a meeting/viewing, this was actually the easy part and something I found that I was actually quite good at. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect space, something unusual and that would stand out, yet still fit what we were wanting to do. Apparently this didn’t exist in Coventry! However since changing our idea, a space that previously wouldn’t work is perfect! This is the box at Fargo village. The walls aren’t the classic white, like you would see in any other gallery, but are made of wood, giving it a kind of different yet authentic feel. The room itself is very big, too big maybe for the average group project, however perfect for what we are wanting to do with the catwalk!

This may be very early days to our project however I already think it is going to be a success and am very excited to get going with the work. So far our group has done very well with distributing jobs and having an even work load. If we continue o work like this throughout the weeks running up to the exhibition I think this will run very smoothly and we will create something that we are all proud of!