Milton Keynes- Garden City- Task 5- CCI

Our fifth task is again site specific, to prepare us for the body of work that we have to make next term. This task is different to the others in a couple of ways, one it is a time site specific, the day we are going has been planned, a week after we were set the task. This meant that there were certain factors that we couldn’t control, such as the weather. This was a factor that we had to deal with on the day. Another reason it was different was because no one in my group had actually been here before so we didn’t know what to expect, the only image we had in our heads was from research that we had completed before hand. Caroline made a list of suggested readings to complete before the trip, my group decided that we would read one each as research brain storm ideas and then come back together. We also completed other bits of research ore specifically about Milton Keynes and its past. With this I think we focused a little too strongly on the past of Milton Keynes, we should of researched more about what was currently there. I think this would of allowed us to have more of a plan and to know what we were doing when we got there.

Although we didn’t have a specific plan we did have a brief idea of what we wanted to represent within our images from the day. We went for what we thought was the obvious response and decided to show how the nature within the city was creeping into the urban landscapes, within this we wanted to represent Milton Keynes as the garden city that it was as well as a concrete jungle. We did know that this was a pretty obvious route to go, however we though that we could create a strong and effective piece of work from the idea. Personally I don’t think that we planned our day very well, by only having this brief idea and not having previously looked at any maps when we first got there we were a bit confused as to where to go and what to do. However at the end of the day I think this may of worked for the best because by wandering around we got the shots that we needed and saw a lot of Milton Keynes as well.

After taking some of our images in dawned on us how we wanted to present it. We decided that triptychs would be really striking and show a broad area of Milton Keynes as we did a total of 9 of these. Within the triptychs we always included 2 zoomed out shots and one imaged zooming in on a certain detail. I think this worked well and our final piece was very striking and definitely eye catching. As well as this I definitely think that our goal of showing how the nature has worked its way into the city was reached, and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Along with this piece we also created a visual diary of our day that compromised of video shots throughout the day. Although this piece wasn’t necessary and probably doesn’t add anything towards our final goal, it definitely sets the scene and adds something different.

As for roles within the group, again we managed to split these well. All four of us conducted research, admittedly some more than others, I feel that I managed to do a lot of research and found some interesting things such as some renderings of plans for what the city was going to look like, see below:

However, with the short amount of time and none ever actually having been to Milton Keynes, we didn’t think it was possibly to recreate what the locations looked like now. I am glad we decided against this, I am very happy with our final piece and don’t think that it would of been as strong if we went along with this idea, especially with the short space of time that we had. If we had longer in the city or were able to revisit it, making it an ongoing project I feel like we could of made something out of it, however considering all of the factors I think we made the best out of what we had. Roles when we got there we split out a lot more evenly, Rachel and Jasmine were filming parts of the day, and documenting what we were doing. Me, Elle and Jasmine as well were taking stills. I think by doing this we were definitely playing to our strengths and getting the strongest possible work that we could. We all had our project in mind so were shooting towards what we knew our final piece would look like.

When we returned from the trip we set a day where we would all meet up and create what would be our final piece. We all went through what we had shot on the day and edited the images that we thought were the strongest, we did this together so we weren’t missing any images that were strong and so that when editing we were able to achieve a consistent style meaning that the images would all work well together. With the final editing and creating the final piece we all had a say, however we obviously played to our strengths once again. Rachel edited the film with our input as she has the most experience doing this, and I sequenced the images for our triptychs, again because I had the most experience, this came from making a lot of photobooks last year. When putting our images together I was focussing on several things such as: colour, shape and subject. I also knew that I wanted to include two zoomed out images and one image focusing on a more specific part of the subject matter. Keeping these things in mind made my job a lot easier than it otherwise would of been. Overall I am very happy with what we have created and think it works well and we definitely achieved what we set out to do. See our final work below.