Final Images

It took me a long time to cut down my images and decide what to include in my final piece. I had to carefully consider what actually was the border of the places I had visited and which images represented that best. After a lot of consideration I selected these images that I thought worked well not only on their own but as a series too. When doing this I was looking a lot at the shapes that were provided both within the lighting and the architecture. Here are the images I selected, this is also the order they are in the book, The first 13 images are used on the first side of the book, exploring the borders of the Chinatowns I visited. The 14th image I used for the front and back cover, I cut this image in half and used a different half for each cover. The next 12 images are what I selected for the second side, these are the other side of the border and what I found when I was in the Chinatown.