Critical Analysis

Overall with the time that I have had to complete this project including all the research and making of the final piece I am happy with what I have created, however if I had more time or money, I know that I could have made something to a higher standard. I think the research that I have complied is good and very informative towards my project. I haven’t however just copied a photographers style of work or project idea but used them for inspiration on things such as techniques.The research I done also gave me refined ideas on my project allowing me to move onto stronger thoughts.

During this project I found it hard when relying on people to collaborate with what I wanted to do, approaching strangers was nerve wracking and it didn’t help that they weren’t happy to be recorded or photographed. I feel if I had more time to complete this project I would of been able to achieve more and get to know some of the people there on a more personal level meaning they would of been more comfortable. I was however able to get a few quotes from people as part of my primary research. To complete this I was hoping to have some correspondence with people who have a voice within the Chinatowns and the councils of the cities too, I emailed them but no response was received.

I also had a few problems with the print bureau where I printed my final piece, as my work was a custom size they were able to print double sided meaning that I had to stick the two sides together, this wasn’t ideal but luckily it worked, however the final book is a bit thicker than I intended because of this. As well as this they couldn’t print to the length that I wanted so I had to do it in two halves and again stick them together, I do think this looks messy but there was nothing I could really do to avoid this. If I had more time I would of researched different places which were able to do the printing that I wanted however this wasn’t possible with the time I had left by the time I had decided how I was going to do my final piece.

I think the design of my final book is good and the pictures flow well together, I think I have represented what I wanted with no need to include too much audience information.