Alexey Titarenko, Tatsuo Suzuki and Martin Roemers

All of these photographers have one thing in common in their approaches and that is long exposure. Looking at all their work I really like the sense of movement that you get even though the image itself is still. Movement is obviously a very important part of my project, considering that a bus and the journey is all about the movement and destination. Within my project I want to experiment with both moving image and stills, at the moment I’m not sure which will work best. Either way I want to be able to make my audience understand the movement that is going on within my project. I think that long exposure could be a perfect way to explore and represent this.

Alexey Titarenko’s project ‘City of Shadows’ is a great example of this. There are no vehicles in his images but just a large amount of people who are all moving. This forms a large shadow through the main part of the image. The black and white suits the project well due to it being set at the end of the soviet union, and not in a particularly happy or stable period. I will obviously experiment with both black and white and colour, however I think that colour will better suit my project.

Another project is by Tatsuo Suzuko, his work differs to Titarenkos as it isn’t made up purely of long exposures but just has them in their to add something to the project. Other wise Suzuko’s images have a documentary style, much like my images are likely to have. I really like the style of this project with the high contrast that has been added to the black and white images. I think this makes them very striking and certainly makes them stand out. I definitely think that this is a project to look at when considering how many long exposure to include in my final piece and where to put them.

Finally this is a project by Martin Roemers. The most obvious difference between this project and the other two is that it is shot in colour and not in black and white. This is very striking and something that I think would work well within my own work. Like Titarenko’s project all of these images are long exposures whereas I think only a select few of mine will be, this is something that I will have to carefully consider when creating my work. However by looking at these images it definitely helps me decide what will work and what doesn’t.

By looking at all of these projects I have been able to decide that this is something that I want to try out within my project, and it is certainly something that may be included in my final piece.