Christopher Herwig and Alexandra Soldatova

Both of Christopher Herwig and Alexandra Soldatova are photographers that both look at bus stops in other countries and the beauty around them. This is obviously a big difference to the UK and what bus stops look like here. These images show bus stops that are very much a work of art in architectural senses and design as well. Herwig’s images come from various locations in the Soviet Union and Soldatova’s from her home country Belarus. These two projects really gave me my main idea for my project which is a lot about finding the beauty in the bus stops in the UK, a place that isn’t often remembered or noticed but in its own light must have its own beauty. Changing how people look at these places is really my overall aim. It wont be as simple as these two projects as the visuals just aren’t anything like it, however I think I can produce a piece of work that makes people appreciate what is around them a lot more than they do now. Below are a few images from Christopher Herwig’s series ‘Soviet Bus Stops’.

Here are few images from Alexandra Soldatova’s series ‘It must be beautiful’. Something that I noticed was particularly different about this project to the others that I have looked at is the name. Most other projects have a very obvious name, something along the lines of ‘Bus Stops’, I personally don’t think this is necessary, especially as in most of the projects it is very obvious that bus stops is what is being photographed. I think Soldatova’s title suggests something more, and hints towards what she wants to show within her work, this is something that I need to think about when I have created some more work, although it is hard to do at this point in my project I definitely think Soldatova’s style works better.

Both of these projects have very uniform images, as a viewer you can tell that they fit together and go into one project. The colours and compositions are very consistent, this is certainly something that makes the work stronger than what it would be if this was done differently. If anything I think that  Alexandra Soldatova’s project has slightly more uniform than Christopher Herwig’s, however this was clearly decided due to each personal project and each works well. Within my work I will be looking at very different bus stops, I need to find a way to make all my work consistent. I think that it is really good when you can tell images belong together and this is definitely something that I plan to have within my work.