Astrid Kruse Jensen

While researching photographers for this project I came across Astrid Kruse Jensen’s work. The images below are from a collection of different bodies of work that she has done. More than anything I just liked the style that she shot in and the images that she was creating! As well these can all be loosely linked to my project. The images that are slightly blurred seem to have a vintage effect, this isn’t something I was originally interested in with my project, however if I go for the letter idea that I previously blogged about this could be used and experimented with if the letters were written in the past. Other than that this blurred effect is something that I am interested in recreating for the landscapes and possibly the portraits within this module. I think this gives a feeling of nostalgia and being in a dreamlike place. This could easily relate to my project of cloud watching. the portraits I have chosen out of Jenesn’s work vary in style, some follow this vintage theme whereas others are a lot more sharp. What they all have in common is that you can’t tell who the person is, things are given away which might describe the models personality such as clothing but the head and other distinguishing features are normally not included in the image. This is something that I have been interested in when thinking of how to portray people within my project, as the person isn’t the most relevant thing within it. By looking at Jensen’s techniques of doing this I can get a better idea of ways to do this. Finally I love the way that her night images are taken. I have just started experimenting with night photography and it is a lot harder than I expected, especially in a city area like Coventry. There is so much light pollution to over come/ experiment with. I am going home to Norfolk soon in the hope to capture some star trails. While I am doing this I also want to see if I can capture anything similar to what Jensen has. Everything in her night images seems so sharp and I think this style works really well.