Joshua Lutz- Hesitating Beauty (Narrative Photography)

I believe that there is some kind of narrative in all photography, every image or body of work has some kind of story behind it, why it was taken, what it means, who it means something too. There are so many questions like this that can be applied and make a narrative. The answers to these questions may not be shared, however I believe that the narrative is still there but maybe not present to the audience. There is also photography where the audience are enabled to make their own narrative, or have their own views on the work. This is something that I am very interested in, I don’t like pushing opinions onto who may be viewing my work. However in this module the narrative is very important, one of the only things that we have been told must be included in our final piece. While I believe a narrative is in all work, whether you see it or not, I wanted to think more about it this module and make something of it. I didn’t want it to be an after thought, which it sometimes is in my work. While looking for examples of narrative photography I came across Joshua Lutz’s work ‘Hesitating Beauty’ this body of work is part real life and part fiction and was used of as a way for Lutz to come to terms with the experience of his mums mental health, having schizophrenia. He tells this story through both text, in the form of letters that he has written (something similar to what he thought his parents correspondence would be like), and images, some that he has taken and some archived family photos as well. This style has made me think deeper into the use of text in my book, my project being a response to a haiku this will obviously be present in my book somewhere, but do I include a further narrative of cloud watching? Possibly a fictional one similar to the style of Hesitating Beauty. I think this could work, as cloud watching is often seen as an escapism, a relaxation method. I like the use of letters within this book as I feel like this gives a more authentic view. By having facts about his mothers illness he was able to imagine how she might of felt and this book reflects that. Over the next week or two I will be shooting my last lot of images before I start bringing my book together. I plan to revisit the places that I have already been and think deeper into this narrative. I want to lay there as if I am cloud watching and see how it feels, how I feel. Am I relaxed? Am I thinking about other worries in my life? Or is this my escapism as it is for so many people? I have tried email a Cloud watching society so I can interview someone, however I am yet to have a reply. It would be great if I could get information on someones experiences who does this regularly, however it is proving hard to find someone to talk to. Luckily anyone can do this, so by me doing it myself there is still no fake facts in there but possibly a slightly fictional narrative on who I write the letters to and what about. This book has really inspired me to try something new that i hadn’t thought about within my project and is certainly a new avenue to explore. I think Lutz has beautuifly represented his mums story and although he states he still isn’t any clear on how she felt or how it has effected his family, he is now ok with that. Here are a few images from the series: