Rinko Kawauchi

I looked at Rinko Kawauchi’s work to help me start to think a bit more about the sequencing of my work and how I might put them in a book. I have quite a lot of images so need to start thinking about this and making mini sequences to see how they work. Kawachi’s sequences are linked in different ways to what I have ever thought about in the past when making my books, however this could be an interesting way to sequence the images for this project. The pages in his books, especially ‘Sheets’ look like and are often parts of contact sheets. This doesn’t just show the polished and perfect final piece but how he has gotten there too, I quite like this idea, I think it gives the audience more of an understanding and feel for the project. and gives them an insight to how the photographers mind works. The sequences Kawauchi creates are made up of similar images, this makes the space around them start to fill in the gaps and have movements of its own. A lot of these images are put together by things such as: colour, movement, light and shapes. This provides a neat flow from image to image and page to page. When thinking about how to lay out my book I am going to consider a similar style to see how it works for my project. This could flow really well and make a really interesting layout or not work at all and simply be too repetitive.