Night in Coventry

This is one of the first times I have ever done right photography, and the very first time I have ever done it in a city. This is a big difference to having had a few attempts in the countryside due to the high amounts of light pollution present here. I am happy how this went for a first time shoot, however I do think a lot of the pictures could be better. I experimented with using different shutter speeds to see which worked best. I do really want to get a star trail, however this isn’t ideal in a city, you can’t even see the stars in half the images due to the high amounts of light pollution and just pollution in general as well. During this shoot I was just trying to get to grips with shooting at night, I think some of these images work really well and definitely reflect the city and a comparison can be easily made to the countryside. I am going to have another go at night photography and see if the outcomes are better but here is what I achieved first time around:

Below are the contact sheets from this shoot:

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