Studio Shoot and Edits

After looking at Matt Wisewski’s, Aneta Ivanova’s and Jasper James’ work I really just wanted to have a go myself. This also seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in the studio and have a go at some portraits with the lighting. I have done this a few times but always had someone else to help me set the lights up, so this was really the first time I had done it on my own. This went surprisingly well, I found it quite simple and easy to set the lights up, I wanted some quite soft portraits so only used the soft box light fitting, so nothing too complicated. It took a while to get the lights in the right position and the right brightness, however it was just a bit of trial and error. Although the lighting in the first few images wasn’t right, I quite like the effect in some of them. Here are some of the portraits that I had taken.

And here are the contact sheets of the whole shoot:

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From this I then combined some of my landscape images with the portraits by changing the blending options, I found that the options that worked best were ‘lighten’ and ‘screen’ (for Aneta and Matt’s style) and multiply seemed to work best for Jasper James’ style. These worked a lot better than I originally thought they would and I am really happy with the outcome. I definitely think these are strong enough to be included in a final piece, however I’m not sure if they will fit in my final piece. I need to play around with some sequences and see what works best and if I can fit them in anywhere. It might be the case of including one at the end to show who has been watching the clouds or been on the journeys. Although I think the Jasper James style works, I’m not sure if it is as strong as the other technique. Here are the images that I have edited: