Portraits: Aneta Ivanova, Matt Wisewski and Jasper James

For this project I really wanted to try something different with the portraits we have to experiment with. Before university portraits were a massive part of what I did, however in this project, although they can be directly linked in when thinking about the project as a whole, I never imagined portraits to be part of it. After researching more into what I could do my mind changed, thinking it totally reasonable to include some, just different to what I had ever done before. I wanted to emphasise that although the person is important, they almost take a back seat compared to what they are doing: cloud watching. I have come up with several ways of doing this, this being just one of them. The photographers Aneta Ivanova, Matt Wisewski and Jasper James do a lot of overlaying and double exposures within there work, of a person and a location normally. I think this would work really well within what I am doing. I have never really done any shoots in the studio so this is a good place for me to start and then go from there trying to photoshop the two images together. I might try this technique out with a few of my old portraits first, however I’m not sure it will work as they aren’t shot in the studio. Here are a few of Aneta Ivanova’s images:

All of her images are in black and white and experiment with different levels of clarity of the portrait.I would say that the main focus within the image isn’t the portrait itself but the image inside it. I really like how although the images all have the same concept they are really very different with different approaches too. The black and white colour works really well for the images that Ivanova has used, however for my project, time of day and therefore colour are important. If I was to make my images black and white it would be like taking this information away which is something that I don’t want to do.

Here are some of Matt Wisewski’s images

These are a lot more colourful that Aneta’s images, something that I think may work better within my project, as the majority of my images are better suited to colour work. Matt does also do some more subtle black and white work as well. I want to experiment with all types within this project to see which works best, if any. I’m not sure I like the brightness of Wisewski’s images, however the colour definitely works. For my project it certainly needs to be a bit more dulled down and not quite as bright. I think in some of these images the lines and outlines of the portrait are maybe a bit harsh, if they were to blend in a bit more I think they would work better, especially within my project as the subject matter, clouds, doesn’t have an obvious outline. This is something to experiment with further.

Here are some of Jasper James’ images:

James’ images are different from both Ivanova’s and Wisewski’s images in the fact that the portrait is more of a silhouette, and the rest of the background is still present and not just blanked out. I like this and thinks it works really well, especially as the landscape images that Jasper James has used are cityscapes and therefore pretty busy with a lot of things going on. I’m not sure this will work as well for my images purely because the landscapes that I am using are not as busy as this. However this certainly isn’t a reason not to try it, I may be proved wrong! Also a silhouette may be an interesting twist on my narrative of the missing person.