Community, Culture and Identity

The starting point for this project was the title ‘Community, Culture and Identity’ and site specific maps to chose from. This is where our inspiration for the project needed to come from. I need to consider what my project says about these 3 things: community, culture and identity. I think one of the main themes within my work is location and our relationship to it and how we navigate between different locations. A bus stop really is like a ‘realm of passing strangers’, everyone is connected in some way but most people probably don’t even take notice, everyone is in their own little world. But why don’t people notice other people and their surroundings? The community we live in is being controlled by a digital items, because of this there are very rarely any conversations or connections at bus stops and other locations as well. This is what the community has become. Within this project I am to get people to notice and appreciate things more, what is around them on a daily basis is beautiful yet people think absolutely nothing of it.

The identity of people within my project isn’t so important, in fact I have chosen to keep the people I have photographer anonymous. This is represented in the way that I have chosen to present my images. However their identity obvious exists and without them and the community my subject, bus stops, wouldn’t exist.

In a sense I think that everything in the world is connected the the words community, culture and identity. It really is just finding the links.