Two different project ideas:

At the start of this project I was unsure of what direction I wanted to take the project in. To help decide what was going to work best I did an initial shoot for both of my ideas. Although I liked all of the images that I produced for both of the different ideas I could definitely see the bus stop idea going further than the Herbert one. I felt like there was more room for development with the bus project, and the way that I wanted to take it hadn’t been done before. There was jut something that interested me a lot more in this project. Experimenting with both of these ideas enabled me to chose the project that suited me and my practise best and allowed me to create a strong project.


I experimented with 35mm film. I thought that this would make me consider what images I took more than if I was using a digital camera. It did do this however I decided that this process wasn’t suitable for my project. While I think slowing down the shoot and developing process can be a good thing I think this could of effected my project in a bad way. Because I planned on shooting in more than one location it meant travelling a lot, so having more images to take when using digital was a benefit because it meant less equipment to take. As well as this being able to review my images there and then was also something that I needed to do as I may of only been able to go to certain locations once. The colours within my images are quite important and while the images that I produced were good I feel due to the lack of colour they just didn’t stand out enough.


Once I decided that digital was the way I wanted to shoot my project, experimenting with moving image seemed like the next logical step. Video is something that I rarely use within my work, I though that it might be a nice change to include this. However after briefly experimenting with this I decided that it didn’t represent bus stops how I wanted to show them. This was more of a documentation method rather than enabling my audience to notice things that they wouldn’t normally. Without experimenting with this I wouldn’t of been able to definitely say I didn’t want to use it.


Originally I was just going to stick to the map location in Coventry. However when I was home over christmas I was experimenting with some initial images and they came out a lot better than expected. When returning to Coventry I noticed a big difference in the two places and was then interested in what other locations might be like. To make it viable to use more than one location I chose 6 in total to use: Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Edinburgh, Norfolk and London. Within these locations I have noticed a difference, by including all 6 I think that this will allow the audience to see a wider picture.

Different digital approaches to project:

Throughout my project I have experimented with different ways to take my images. By doing this I was able to find the way that works best for my project.

Long exposure: This was to represent movement within my work, although these worked well I thought they were too distracting and didn’t necessarily represent something that people would notice or be able to compare. Although there was a suggestion of movement I just didn’t think this image fit in with the rest of my project.

Abstract: This has turned out to be the main type of images used within my final piece. By capturing things that may be seen as beautiful at a bus stop in a abstract way I think that my audience will slowly start to notice these abstract things for themselves which is the main aim of my project. When first looking at these images it is not obvious that you are looking at a bus stop, it is only when you look at the project as a whole that these things start to be pieced together. I think that these images work really well and embody the aim of the project well.

Straight on: I love the image series that I have created in grids of the bus stops that I have visited in a straight on and uniformed manner. However I feel that this does give my project away a little bit. I like the fact that my audience may be initially unaware that they are looking at bus stops. If I was to include these in my final piece as soon as they saw the image they would know exactly what they are looking at. By being unaware they will be more interested and look at the work more until they figure it out. While I do think that the abstract images need something to be paired with to make the work stronger I don’t think that these images belong in my final piece. However they are a significant part of my research and they clearly show the comparisons between each location.

Portraits: All of the images until the portraits lack a human presence, yet without humans bus stops wouldn’t exist. Although it seemed wrong not to include any sort of hint to human presence I also didn’t want to make this the focus, as the main focus of my project was the structure itself. Throughout my project I have tried to find a solution for this. I have taken pictures while at the locations, almost documenting human presence, yet this seemed too loosely linked and the people in the images may just be passers by who aren’t actually using the bus stops. I went on to think about how I wanted to keep the people in the images anonymous as I feel their identity isn’t important. They are representing a wider population and not just themselves. With these images I blurred them out and drew the bus route they took on top of them, I feel like this goes back to representing movement within my work and that I have successfully done this will a still image.I experimented with different ways to do this for example taking the portraits at the bus stop and with a plain background. I decided the plan background worked better as the contract that I was trying to achieve was there due to a background that wasn’t as busy.

Time of shoot: I have also considered when I am shooting for my project. Different times of the day achieve different images. For my final piece I have included a range of different times, this shows a wider variety of work. One of the main differences was of course, the lighting. It is really interesting what effects were capturing in different lights and this shows a different side to the subject.

Final Pieces: 

I have tested out a variety of different final pieces to make sure that I find the right one.

Prints: Although this works well, I feel like it is a little too linear for my project. The audience don’t get much choice in what order they see the images as I have decided on the order they appear. I really don’t think it matters what order they are shown so I want to give the audience more creative input than this. Also I have a lot of images, by using prints for my final piece I really am limited to the amount that I can use, this is something that will affect the strength of my work.

Book: Originally a book seemed like the ideal way to present my work. It would allow me to show a lot of images but not overwhelm the audience too much. As well as this it is a neat and tidy way to show a high volume of work. However when I was experimenting with mock books I came across the problem of it being too linear once again. The audience had no choice in what they looked at and when. This is something that I really don’t like, I feel like I have too much control on how the audience sees the work. I experimented with both a coptic bound book and a foldable book that represented a bus timetable.

In a box: This is the way that I have decided to present my final piece. This isn’t bound so gives me audience more creative control and it also allows me to include a high volume of work without it looking messy. Along side this box of prints I have also decided to include prints of the portraits.

Maps: With six locations I knew that within my final piece I had to make it clear that the images are in fact taken at different locations. Including maps would be the perfect way to do this. I experimented with several map layouts and decided the most simple one worked best. This consisted of just dots for the locations. I think that my project is very minimalistic so this style suits it well.

Acetate: I have experimented with acetate being included in my box, this is purely of the maps and not the images themselves. Originally I thought this could be a little too busy and confusing. I didn’t want to makes the maps hard to read, however I think this works well and is interesting that you can see the image through the map. I haven’t used acetate for all of the maps just the location maps.